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At Reliant Family Psychiatry, we are proud to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy, an advanced, FDA-approved treatment modality for individuals battling Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and certain other conditions, including anxiety. TMS Therapy represents the forefront of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, designed to target and alleviate symptoms of depression by facilitating balanced neural communication.

TMS Therapy at ​Reliant Family Psychiatry in Mansfield & Grand Prairie, TX.

​TMS Therapy at ​Reliant Family Psychiatry in Mansfield & Grand Prairie, TX.

Understanding TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy employs gentle magnetic pulses to stimulate nerve cells in the brain's mood-regulating regions, enhancing brain activity and function. This innovative approach is particularly suited for patients who have not found relief through traditional treatments, such as antidepressants, psychotherapy, or other interventions like Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

​Understanding TMS Therapy

The Process of TMS Therapy

During a TMS session, a specialized electromagnetic coil is positioned near the forehead, focusing on the prefrontal cortex — the brain area linked to mood regulation, decision-making, problem-solving, and planning. Depression is often associated with diminished activity in this critical region. TMS Therapy aims to invigorate these nerve cells, mitigating the symptoms of depression and fostering a path to recovery.

The Commitment and Results

A standard TMS treatment course at Reliant Family Psychiatry involves 30-36 sessions, scheduled over 4-6 weeks, with treatments typically occurring five times a week. While this may represent a significant commitment, the potential benefits are substantial. The majority of individuals who complete a full TMS therapy course at our practice experience marked improvements, with a notable success rate reflecting significant symptom relief.

Remarkably, about half of our patients achieve full remission after just one treatment course, a testament to the efficacy of TMS Therapy in the battle against depression.

​The Commitment and Results

Qualifying for TMS Treatment at Reliant Family Psychiatry

At Reliant Family Psychiatry, accessing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is straightforward and personalized. Our team of dedicated professionals is equipped to provide TMS as a key component of our comprehensive approach to treating depression and anxiety. To begin your journey with TMS Therapy, simply arrange an intake appointment with our team.

​Qualifying for TMS Treatment at Reliant Family Psychiatry

Your First TMS Treatment Experience

Upon arrival for your TMS session, we request the removal of any metallic items to ensure safety due to the electromagnetic nature of the treatment. Your comfort is our priority; you will be seated in a private room, in a reclining chair, and provided with earplugs to soften the sound of the device.

Post-Treatment and Side Effects

Following each TMS session, you can immediately return to your daily routine, including work and exercise. Many patients observe significant improvements or complete remission of depression symptoms after completing the TMS treatment course, with ongoing research continually enhancing the efficacy of this therapy.

TMS Considerations and Safety

TMS is suitable for many, but not all, due to the use of electromagnetic pulses. It is crucial to avoid TMS if you have any metal within your head or body that might interact with the treatment. We encourage a full disclosure of your medical history to ensure TMS is a safe option for you.

Accessing TMS Therapy at Reliant Family Psychiatry

If you are navigating treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder, TMS Therapy at Reliant Family Psychiatry might be the right path for you. Contact us to discover how TMS can be integrated into your personalized treatment plan, marking a step toward reclaiming your mental health and well-being.

FAQs about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Reliant Family Psychiatry

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-medication treatment recognized for its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms for 70% of individuals with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

  • No, TMS utilizes magnetic pulses to stimulate brain areas affected by depression, offering a medication-free approach to treatment.

  • Many patients begin to notice improvements within 2-3 weeks of initiating TMS therapy, although individual experiences may vary.

  • TMS is generally painless, often described as a tapping sensation on the scalp.

  • Some patients might experience a mild headache or scalp tingling during treatment, but these effects are typically short-lived. No long-term side effects have been identified.

  • Having been used for depression treatment for over 15 years, TMS is considered safe with no long-term adverse effects identified.

  • No, TMS treatment does not impair your ability to drive or focus, allowing you to resume daily activities immediately.

  • A standard TMS course entails 5 weekly sessions for 4 to 6 weeks, totaling 30-36 sessions, with each session lasting 20-30 minutes.

  • The success rate for TMS at Reliant Family Psychiatry is consistent with broader findings, with 70%-80% of patients experiencing significant relief.

  • TMS allows for immediate return to daily activities with no downtime, unlike some other treatments that may require supervision post-treatment. Moreover, TMS is often covered by insurance, reducing out-of-pocket costs.

  • TMS is typically covered by insurance for patients with treatment-resistant depression after trying two to four antidepressant medications without success. Reliant Family Psychiatry will assist with the insurance pre-approval process.

  • Individuals with magnetic-sensitive metal in or around the head, other than dental fillings, should not undergo TMS due to safety concerns.

  • Schedule an appointment with Reliant Family Psychiatry for an evaluation to determine if TMS is suitable for your treatment plan.

  • The cost per session is $300, with total treatment costs ranging from $6,000 to $15,000, depending on the number of sessions required. Detailed cost information is available upon request.

  • Yes, Reliant Family Psychiatry offers TMS for teenagers on an off-label basis to treat conditions like depression and anxiety, although it may not be covered by insurance.

  • While Colorado Medicaid does not currently cover TMS, Reliant Family Psychiatry is committed to providing access to those in need through a pro bono program for eligible Medicaid patients.

  • Yes, TMS has shown efficacy in treating OCD, offering a promising option for individuals seeking alternative treatments.

For more detailed information on TMS and how it can be integrated into your treatment plan, please contact Reliant Family Psychiatry.

​Discover a brighter mental well-being journey at Reliant Family Psychiatry in Texas!

We're here to guide you every step of the way. Choose Reliant Family Psychiatry today

Discover a brighter mental well-being journey at Reliant Family Psychiatry in Texas!

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