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We are excited to introduce Spravato™, a groundbreaking treatment option, to the array of services provided at Reliant Family Psychiatry.

Spravato™ Nasal Spray at ​Reliant Family Psychiatry in Mansfield & Grand Prairie, TX.

​Spravato™ Nasal Spray at Reliant Family Psychiatry

What is Spravato™ Nasal Spray

Spravato™ is an FDA-approved nasal spray containing esketamine, a compound related to ketamine, specifically designed for individuals with treatment-resistant depression and major depressive disorder.

We are pleased to offer this innovative treatment, which is covered by most insurance plans, including commercial insurances and selected Medicaid plans.

​What is Spravato™ Nasal Spray

How Spravato™ Nasal Spray Works

At Reliant Family Psychiatry, we understand the importance of comprehensive care. Following the administration of Spravato™, we ensure a minimum observation period of 2 hours for the safety and comfort of our patients. This critical time also allows for the integration of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, either during the latter part of the observation or the following day. 

These sessions are pivotal in processing the experiences during treatment and embedding them into the broader therapeutic journey, often leading to significant breakthroughs and enhanced healing from trauma.

​How Spravato™ Nasal Spray Works

The Synergy of Therapy and Spravato™:

Combining therapy with Spravato™ treatment can profoundly optimize and extend its benefits. This integrated approach can significantly improve the brain's neural network flexibility, aiding in emotional engagement, body-emotion connection, and fostering a supportive relationship with one's emotional experiences. Enhanced brain connectivity may also offer better access and new perspectives to traumatic memories, reducing associated anxieties and fostering a deeper understanding.

This dual approach not only provides rapid symptom relief but also creates an environment conducive to focused therapy, allowing for more profound insights and more effective strategies for change. It's a supportive journey that offers spaciousness for personal growth and learning, enhancing the overall therapeutic process.

At Reliant Family Psychiatry, we believe in the interconnectedness of medication and therapy. We view Spravato™ as a tool that, when combined with psychotherapy, unlocks deeper insights and fosters a more meaningful recovery journey. This belief is why we collaborate with therapists specially trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, ensuring our patients receive the most effective and holistic care possible.

Starting Your Journey with Spravato™ at Reliant Family Psychiatry

Your first step towards ketamine-assisted psychotherapy begins with a comprehensive 60-minute intake session with our skilled providers, available both in-person and via telehealth. This session is designed to understand your mental health goals, lifestyle, and medical history thoroughly. Together, we will craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

We coordinate closely with your insurance provider to manage pre-authorizations, aiming to minimize any out-of-pocket expenses. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you are fully informed about the costs and financing options available for your treatment program.

While IV ketamine treatments are not typically covered by insurance, Spravato™ offers a more accessible option through insurance coverage and a rebate program for commercially insured patients, making treatments potentially as low as $10 per visit.

​Discover a brighter mental well-being journey at Reliant Family Psychiatry in Texas!

We're here to guide you every step of the way. Choose Reliant Family Psychiatry today

Discover a brighter mental well-being journey at Reliant Family Psychiatry in Texas!

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